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Important information from Simply Nature Ltd regarding new EU data regulation

From 25.05.18, every organisation within the EU and EEA is to adhere to a new set of data privacy laws known as the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR for short. 

This comprehensive legislation has been designed to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organisations across Europe approach data privacy. 

We do want to reassure you that, prior to the implementation of GDPR, Simply Nature Ltd has been committed to protecting all our customers data at all times.

How will this affect me and my dealings with Simply Nature Ltd?

GDPR impacts two main areas in relation to Simply Nautre Ltd:

  1. How we communicate with you

  2. How we manage your data

1. How we communicate with you:
Whether you have done so in the past or not, we will be asking all our users to tell us if they wish to receive information from us beyond the communications required to deliver our service to you. Prior to GDPR being implemented we will send our users an email asking them to opt in to the information we send.  

2. How we manage your data:

The new legislation requires we ensure that you can: 

  1. Always see any data related to you on our system

  2. Manage and update this data as you see fit, including partial or complete deletion of any and all personal data records

We have updated all our platforms so that all our users can easily do both of the above - either by themselves or with the help of our support team.

Thanks for reading this far - we appreciate it’s a lot of information to take in!
The steps outlined above apply only to the impact of GDPR at Simply Nature Ltd and your relationship to us. As such, GDPR, raises many questions; questions we will of course be more than happy to answer as and when they arise - just get in touch as you see fit!

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