"If I can't eat it, I won't put it on my face,"
Annemarie Lindner, the founder of Börlind GmbH, once said.

The Annemarie Börlind company has held to this principle for over 50 years, creating the finest skin-friendly cosmetics using primarily organic ingredients. The products are carefully formulated for every skin type and skin problem, with a bouquet of natural ingredients and no animal extracts, petroleum derivatives or silicones.

Our research and development team is constantly searching for new natural ingredients from all over the world that can be used to care for the skin and keep it beautiful. The techniques and technology we use to manufacture our products are cutting-edge, and we are continually refining them to maintain the highest cosmetological standards. This approach is confirmed by the long list of awards we have won.

Our requirements, commitments and quality guidelines are Eco Control certified. As one of our promises to consumers, we refuse to test our products on animals or use genetically modified ingredients. The effectiveness and skin-compatibility of our products are dermatologically tested.

ECO CONTROL         

For many years, more and more certification seals have been appearing on the cosmetics market, all with different standards and criteria. Unfortunately, instead of giving consumers confidence, they often only create confusion.    

Product & Quality     

  • The quality of our skincare ranges is based on unmodified natural ingredients, such as plant extracts, combined with loving attention to detail in cultivation and production.
  • Most of our plants, herbal extracts and essential oils are certified organic or come from certified wild collections.
  • Our experienced scouts and ethnobotanists are continually seeking out new plants and raw ingredients all over the world.
  • We use pure Black Forest spring water from our own source.
  • The skin-compatibility and effectiveness of our cosmetics are dermatologically tested by independent institutes with the help of volunteer testers.
  • We refuse to use harmful ingredients or substances with poor biodegradability such as PEG, paraffins, petroleum derivatives, silicone oils and polycyclic musk compounds.
  • We aim to offer the highest quality at an affordable price.

Environment & Resources   

  • We do not use animal products or products tested on animals
  • We use nature-identical and semi-natural substances to minimize the environmental impact of our manufacturing process and also as skin-friendly preservatives.
  • By choosing to source plant-based ingredients, we support organic and biodynamic agriculture all over the world and help to keep the planet healthy.
  • The energy we use to produce hot water is derived from our production and cooling processes using heat recovery technology.
  • We are continually working to optimize our ecological standards.

People & Communities          

  • Wherever possible we use ethically sourced and fairly traded natural ingredients of select quality, purchased at a fair price.
  • We only use suppliers who offer fair pay and working conditions and who do not use child labour.
  • Our high social standards are attested to by certificates from independent and government organizations.
  • We support recognized social and charitable projects all over the world.
  • Mutual respect, courtesy, openness and shared goals are vital aspects of our corporate culture.

Resources & Employees      

  • We strive to use financial resources carefully, fairly and responsibly.
  • The people who work for us are paid a fair and reasonable wage.
  • Our employees benefit from regular training and an aesthetically pleasing working environment to promote creativity, motivation and innovative thinking.
  • Our production and administration jobs have been located at our headquarters in Calw in the Black Forest for 50 years.


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